Firstly, what on earth is Indimile and what will it do for you?

Well, funny you should ask…

If you are a freelancer or run a small business that delivers project based services, for example an architect or software developer and find yourself struggling to keep on top of your projects, tasks and clients and are looking for a better solution, you’ve come to the right place.

For a long time this scenario was the reality for Indimile founders Simon Lehmann and Joseph Amato during their stints as freelancers and business owners. Their struggles would later become the motivation for the creation of Indimile.

But let’s start from the beginning…

After both Simon and Joseph decided that working for someone else was a drag and self-employment was a far more attractive idea, they both decided to quit their jobs and start their own businesses. Simon as a freelance web developer and Joseph as building designer.

Ahhh the romance of being your own boss is the ideal that a lot of us dream about, not having to answer to another person, being in control of your income and having freedom, yes that delicious freedom. These thoughts were most definitely the catalyst for Simon and Joseph to pull the pin on employment and venture into the world of business.

At first when starting a business everything is new and exciting and being your own boss feels like the best decision you have ever made. You’re in charge and can run your business anyway you please…

But when the honey moon period of starting a business wears off and things get busy, the realisation sets in that you don’t really know what you are doing and you don’t really have control over your business.

There’s too much to do and not enough time, clients are constantly on your back to see where their projects are at and project management is out of control.

And as a result that delicious freedom doesn’t taste so good any more…

It’s a very overwhelming feeling to constantly juggle clients, projects and daily tasks and never seeming to get on top of everything. As a business owner it’s during those busy periods when things seem to get that far out of control, that you wish someone would come along and just take the wheel.

It was that very scenario that motivated Simon and Joseph to ask the question, is there a better solution for freelancers and business owners to manage their clients, projects and daily tasks all at the same time, with one simple and easy solution?

After 12 months of planning and development, the solution that Simon and Joseph are creating is called ‘Indimile’ and takes the form of a web/mobile application. Its core function allows freelancers and businesses to plan out their projects into milestones and tasks, creating a simple and effective system to follow. As a task or milestone is completed, a notification is sent to the client, keeping them engaged at every stage throughout the project.

Simon and Joseph both believe that Indimile will help equip freelancers and business with the right tools they need to succeed in this fast-paced and demanding business environment.

Meet the Founders:

Joseph Amato:

Joseph is a 25 year old freelancer based in Perth, Australia, who has worked in various industries including architecture and construction as a building designer and also in the technology industry as a novice web developer. Working as a freelancer has taught Joseph many valuable life and business lessons, as most days as a freelancer are a challenge. These lessons have given Joseph the drive to help other freelancers to run more successful businesses. Joseph is responsible for the strategy, planning and administration behind Indimile and assists Simon in the technical development. Joseph is incredibly excited to bring Indimile to market and is focused on developing relationships with fellow freelancers and business owners, to better understand their needs.

Simon Lehmann:

Simon is a 19 year old freelancer also based in Perth, Australia. He has worked in the commercial technology industry as an IT support technician and network administrator. While studying software development, Simon realised that the software and web industry would be a lot more rewarding as a freelancer. As Technology Director, Simon oversees the system design and development of Indimile and makes sure the service is running smoothly. He has also made the product’s quality and usability a priority and can’t wait to see Indimile help freelancers around the world.

If your are a freelancer or business owner and like the sound of Indimile, we would be thrilled to see you join our community. For more information, click the link below: